Wednesday 5 September 2012

Beachy Barstools

 It been a while since I did a makeover, right? 

I've been so busy with my Etsy shop and filling local orders that I've neglected a few projects that have been begging to be done.

Like these two stools that my friend Tracey gave me. They were originally Dental Assistants' stools from the 50's or 60's, but had been chilling on Tracey's deck for some time. 
When she offered them to me - her words were "I know you will do something amazing with them". Talk about added pressure, thanks Trace!

As you can see they were not in the best state, so the first step was to fill cracks and splits in the wood with wood filler and glue and then sand them down.

Sean did a great job of that, below you can see the difference once he got on with the sanding. The wood was in good condition underneath the top layer.
I painted them white (sorry I forgot a picture) and that's how they stayed for a couple of months while I tried to decide what to do...


Then I bought this blue paint.... someone should have stopped me! Seriously? What was I thinking? 
I painted the first coat and hated it, but no I didn't stop there  -  I painted 2 coats on both stools then got annoyed with myself for wasting time. 
In an attempt to fix this bright blue eyesore, I tried to distress them. This made it look worse!

By now I was freezing from working in the cold wind, so I thought I would just paint it white again the next day.

Then I found this gorgeous colour at the hardware store - its "The Viaduct" from the Dulux Colours of New Zealand range. 
Its more a greeny turquoise and it made me feel happy! I sanded and distressed the stools back so that some of the white and a small amount of the bright blue showed through.

And as I knew I wanted the stools to fit in with my beachy decor, I found this free stencil online,

Free Printable Seashore from Wall and Mural
 I enlarged the stencil and printed out the pictures I wanted onto card and cut them out with a craft knife. Using a sponge roller, I gently applied white paint in a single layer.

The next day I lightly sanded the stencil and the seat of the barstool.

Then using a dark wood stain I rubbed a layer onto the stool and wiped it off again.

 Once dry, each bar stool was polished and ta-daaaaa. What do ya think Tracey?


 I am so proud of how they turned out. This project was a definite labour of love. I do not want to see the sander again for a while. I'm done sanding!

But these were so worth it...

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  1. Nat those are fantastic! That is an awesome color of beachy blue too! (Way better than the first one.) Love the stencils and the added stain at the end gives it a great look!

  2. Thanks hun, I worked darn hard on those bar stools but I'm really happy with the outcome xxx

  3. You should be proud, they turned out AWESOME, Nat! I love the color and they have a perfect beachy weathered look! They make me long for the beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina! Has your friend seen the transformation yet? I think after seeing them, she may want them back!

    1. Thank Mary, my friend Tracey has seen the photos but IRL yet. xx

  4. Absolutely love the way these turned out! So much fun and love that color!!

  5. Love the final look and the stencil and the ageing and distressing looks perfect - great job Nat !

  6. Your color choice was fantastic - the turquoise. Sometimes you have to paint and repaint until you find what fits the piece. Love the shape of these stools. I do not think I have ever seen anything quite like them!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  7. ils sont magnifique tu as fais vraiment une belle réalisation splendide bravo j' adore le turquoise en plus

  8. These have turned out amazingly beautiful! What an improvement from the scabby old stools that were sitting out on my deck... I'm so glad they've found a new home with someone who will love them - who wouldn't love them now? - they're gorgeous! Love your work :) xx Tracey

    1. Thanks Trace - hope you like them when you see them xxx

  9. Natalie, you're a STAR tonight at I Gotta Create with your own Friday Feature spotlight.

    I gave it a shout-out on Facebook, too. I can hear the waves and feel the warm sand between my toes just looking at these. Thanks so much for linking up!
    <3 Christina

  10. Super cute! Love the shade, it's gorgeous!!

  11. love, love, love the color. They look great.

  12. These turned out beautiful - what a great transformation - perfect color too!
    Your newest follower - would love to have you come by and follow back when
    you have the time!

  13. Wow, that´s really beautiful! Love it! Liz

  14. that is a much easier way to trace the pattern. Nice job!


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