Thursday 13 September 2012

Turquoise Tile Pendant

Hey Everyone, 

For those that missed it - I shared this Tile Pendant over at DK's Craft Cafe last week.

 This is such a simple tutorial and I'm hoping you are inspired to make your own. I found this gorgeous tile pendant in the jewellery section of Spotlight and I just love turquoise so had to buy it.

What you will need:
A tile or decorative bead, 3 charms or smaller beads, a headpin, jump rings and long nose pliers.

What you need to do: (following the pics)

Gather all the components.

Snip the end off the head pin as you will be looping both ends of it.

Form a loop by first bending the end of the pin at a 90 degree angle then looping the pin back onto itself - this forms a really neat loop.

Pass the pin through the tile and repeat the loop at the other end.

Using jump rings, secure the smaller beads or charms to one end of the looped head pin.

Attach the pendant to a chain using another jump ring.

 Seriously how easy is that?

 I love how this necklace turned out, and as I used a copper chain and accents along with the turquoise, it has a real beachy vibe to it

Cute right?

Take care


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  1. So pretty! Jason Bateman hey? Lucky he's my second after Zach Braff, A rested Development, I've watched all 3 seasons about a million times and still laugh hysterically

  2. So pretty. Gonna have to start making jewlery...I'm sure the husband will be thrilled with a new craft.

    1. You have to give it a try Heather - so much fun xxx

    2. This is soooo gorgeous! Love the turquoise, love the tile, love everything about it actually! You rock :)

    3. Oh wow thank you so much Karen. I loved making it. My Blog friend Mary from Sweet Little Bluebird bought it and she loves wearing it.
      xx Nat


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