Thursday 27 September 2012

More Simple Decor Updates

Hey Everyone,

Today I'm continuing my little series on the simple updates I've done to my decor. I shared painted glassware in the first post here .

I love beachy decor, but then you all already knew that right? And with Summer peeking around the corner what better time than to change my decor up to fit in with my beach theme.

The easiest way to update plain vases or ornaments is with embellishments...

I was given this vase, it was pink with bee's all over it - yikes.
So way back when - I painted it white and had a leaf charm on it. Not my style at all - what was I thinking? 

Some jute and turquoise blue shell beads fixed that soon enough -what a difference...

I picked up this wooden "cup" that had seen better days, for free from a thrift shop and once apon a time had painted it an off white and distressed it.
It looked okay but needed something.
I painted it white and added some jute to the "stem" and a seaglass bead - it totally works for me now.

I really cannot remember what state this little vase was in when I got it, but all that brown cord looked awful right? I changed out the brown with turquoise and a few river pearl beads and voila -gorgeous

So simple yet so effective , and I can change it up whenever I'm tired of it.

Do you have any simple decor tips that you like to use around your home?

My friend Mary from Sweet Little Bluebird has some great seasonal frames, check out her cute Fall frames here. Tell her I sent you and say hi from me.

Have a great day 




  1. Wow! A little can go a long way! Makes a major difference! Looks great too! I think that my fave is the wooden cup... just because of the shape. Haha :)

    Happy Thursday!! :)

    ♥ Shar

  2. Oh you are so getting into your beachy mode and it all looks good! Just as we are heading into winter...I'm jealous! This is my kind of decorating...cutin it up a little!!!

    1. I'll think of you enjoying the snow while we die of heat Danni xxx

  3. I love your Beachy decor series, Nat! My favorite is the wooden "cup" update - so adorable! I love them all! You must be so excited for summer. I can't wait for winter -but my favorite time of year is now, fall. Have a great Friday! ♥

    1. So so excited for Summer - I love it Mary. Winter just makes me miserable xxx

  4. Oh I love that! the beads just give it that extra thing you know!


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