Tuesday 31 January 2012

All Around the World....

Hi everyone,
Today I'm going to share another epic fail that I hopefully transformed for the better..... let me know what you think of my "save"....

On a  trip to Spotlight during sale week - I picked up this wooden frame for $6... again with a plan in my mind....

I painted the frame white and started to tape off stripes......

Im not sure where I went wrong .....I think it may have been my colour choices? Who knows... it looked awful! I carried on and distressed the frame as per my plan and decided to look at it again later......

The next morning, my dear Sean very diplomatically told me it sucked!!! So did Gabe.... then Payton... You get the picture......

 Not to be deterred I raced off to Spotlight to the scrapbook papers and randomly selected a few sheets - still with no idea how to "fix" my frame.... Later in the day I settled on these 3 papers....All from Kaisercraft. I thought the world map was pretty, interesting and educational - the kids ask a lot of questions about places in the world and we can show them where we have travelled

 I covered the frame in Lacey Bay paper and edged with Ashbrook from Prairie Lane. Then glued the World Map from Timeless Collection onto the backboard....

 I added a shell to keep with the beachy theme..... and I think I really like it.... I even got the thumbs up from the fam.....

 This week I will hang everything and complete my new gallery wall... Im pretty excited about it... so stay tuned...

Take care

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  1. Looking forward to seeing more of your gallery wall, love the dimension this has and your use of colour.


  2. Hi Nat - I think it turned out great, I love it! Great save! You are good. :) Hugs to you, Mary

  3. It turned out beautiful, I love the map. Scrapbook paper is the best.

    1. Thanks Michelle - think I will still attemp stripes at some stage (maybe not in the too near future tho) xx Nat

  4. I think your "save" turned out lovely! Thanks so much for sharing at the Tuesday To Do Party!

  5. I love the finished product - but, I actually like the distressed one too :)

    1. Thanks Kelli - I still the the concept of my stripes but will have a big rethink about colours etc... xx nat

  6. Exciting stuff. I like the stripes too. I can't wait to see the gallery wall.

  7. Way to save the project ! I love it and can't wait to see your finished gallery wall . I love a gallery wall ! Thanks for following and I am happily following along with you too :)

    1. Thank you for following Dawn - will post my gallery wall this week xx Nat

  8. I love it - especially that gorgeous map paper !


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