Saturday 21 January 2012

Beachy Inspiration

Hi Everyone,

As you know I'm doing another gallery wall, this time in the living room. 
I have about 8 white frames with photo's in so far, but wanted to include some beachy pictures, whether it be colour inspired or nature inspired.

So I've been doing a bit of digging - now that we have Broadband - I know, I know....we have been coping with dial-up for many years but now that I'm blogging it made sense to join the real world.....

I found this amazing site from Pinterest and I just had to visit it...
Design Seeds  is a fantastic source for colour palettes and there are so many gorgeous pictures ...

Now as I need beach inspired colours - its a toss up of the following colours... should I go natural sands, sky blues or aqua??? Have a look at the few offerings I've downloaded from Design Seeds

I love the blue of this boat and I am thinking it may be the "pop" colour I'm looking for  

Design Seeds - Boating Blues 610

However my trusted favourite colour.....

Design Seeds - Aboard Colour 610

 What about a dash of red?

Design Seeds - Beach Tones 600

Please pop along to Design Seeds it's such a beautiful site.

Also.... what am I going to have as my signature "beachy" thing?


Via Pinterest


Via Pinterest


Via Pinterest


Via Pinterest

What do you all think? 

I have the sand, blue, aqua colours for painting, I just need to decide.

HELP !!!!!!!



  1. I have given you an award and tagged you. See
    It's alot of work, so just do one or the other, if you wish.
    The aquas with the naturals look good together !!!

    1. Hi Fiona - thank you so much - Ill do it later or maybe even tomorrow - just got back from the a and e with my son and he has fractured his foot :-(

  2. I love the pop of red. x

  3. I love all those colors! I wish I lived at the beach ;-) The driftwood is my favorite!

    1. I know they are all great colours hence why I'm so torn.... Inspiration will come! Thanks for visiting - hope you pop by again xx Nat

  4. I have VERY simalar accents of beachy style things in our home too NAT... some iv just collected from our beach/bach holidays over the last 6 years, ie star fish although mine is neutral colours, due to our home being cream, and lockwood built.... so i went for neutral for most things....

    I also have tumble weed, ( or spinafex found on coromandle beach) that i used in our wedding table vases instead of flowers.... ( this was purely because our florist at the time rang a month out from our wedding, to tell me she wouldnt be able to do my flowers, or boquets for the wedding, as she was leaving the shop, and no one else was avalible to do it either, no other florist shop was in Whitianga at the time, and since i had 1 month to go for the wedding on a beach down in Whangapoa beach, i had to think of an inexpsensive yet apropriate idea, that would work for our wedding reception, as well as planning all the other stuff one does, and run my salon and staff!!! It worked well, cost was insanely better/cheaper than flowers... and every guest at the wedding, asked who did our vases, and asked to buy one, or take them home! Not bad for somthing that wasnt planned in the first place in very short amount of time!

    1. You see Em - you are just as talented....and the pic you posted on FB was great - your summer decor. xx


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