Thursday 5 January 2012

Polished Washer Pendant Necklaces

Hi all, I am finally getting around to writing this post..... I think my Fab Finds posts will resume next week, I just have too much on at the moment.

But look at these gorgeous pendants....... 

I originally saw these Nail Polish Glazed Washers  on Pinterest, and they were made by Michelle from A Little Tipsy

 All you need is.... nail polish and washers...... super easy!!!!

 Coat the back of your washer with a layer of nail polish first....

Then do your daughter's nails..... at least she is interested in what I'm doing..... right?

 I used nails popped through a cardboard box to balance the washers on, while painting the front...
When dry I added an extra layer of clear nail polish (mine had sparkles in it) to seal and protect...
I was really pleased with the results......
Payton has claimed all the pink ones for herself, so I made her pendants tailored to her taste ......
The pale pink pendant I made into a bracelet for her....
I made a necklace and bracelet set in white......

And my favourite...... I've had the coloured pendant for a while and was waiting for inspiration to hit.... I think it hit pretty well.... don't you?

Take care everyone,

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  1. Looks like you're ready to open a boutique! SUPER CUTE!!! I'm your newest follower!!! XO, Aimee

  2. Your turned out great! You can link them up on my site if you want.

  3. Absolutely beautiful Nats, I love the vibrant colours!


  4. These are great pendants! I've never seen them before. I'm a new follower of yours, found you on Debbiedoos blog. Thanks for showing how to make those, my daughter will be excited for the idea!!

    1. Mary - I found them on Pinterest - so super easy - i would love to see any that you and your daughter come up with. Nat (following you back)

  5. These are great pendants, I have heaps of washers I am definitely going to try these I know my daughter will love them. Thanks for sharing the how to.

    1. Thanks Michelle, very easy to make - would love to see your creations when you make some. Nat


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