Monday 23 January 2012

Do Not Jump on the Furniture.......!!!!!

This is what I brought home from the Accident and Emergency tonight.....

My SON.... in a Moon-boot!!!!!!

Lets review.......

Me: "Gabes please stop jumping on the couch .... you're gonna get hurt"

Gabe (running and jumping onto said couch): " No I wont mum"

Me: "STOP jumping up on my couch!!! Right NOW!!!"

Gabe: Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh........ (doubled over in pain)

Me: "See ..... I told you....."

 No sympathy from mum nor dad.... a lot of whining later we thought we would try bandage his foot (maybe he has sprained it - more likely not) and he screamed in pain.... And his poor foot was so swollen.

Off to the emergency doctor..... hmmmm.... off to the Radiology Clinic..... HMMMM.....

My boy has fractured his foot! 

Seriously... how hard did he hit his foot against the couch arm rest???

 Luckily he just managed to fit in the moon-boot or he would have had to have a plaster cast.
We have 6 weeks of him in the boot and in 10 days time we have a specialist appointment booked - yup on the first day of school - how am I gonna juggle that???

 But look at his cuteness....  Bless him....

One more look at that x-ray....

 Moral of the story?????  
Do not jump on the furniture Listen to your mother! 

Hope you have all had a happy weekend...


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  1. Oh No!! I can't believe he is smiling... what a trooper.

    1. know right? Im really proud of him - he is doing well - a huge bruise on his foot though!
      Thanks for visiting Nessa - hope you pop by again soon xx Nat

  2. Replies
    1. Beth - he is very adorable - nearly 7 and still very much my baby. Such a sweetie xx Nat

  3. NO WAY!!! I tell my kids every single day to stop jumping on the couch, but my worst case scenario was a bump on the head. I'm going to show them this in the morning so they can see what will happen. Think they'll understand? :)

    Hope your little man is feeling okay!

    1. Oh Anna - we have had many a bump on the head from falling off the couch! Even a lovely bruised face from landing on the heater once.... This was certainly not what I was expecting - perhaps thats why I didnt take him seriously (made him wait nearly 7 hours before taking him to the after hours dr)

      Dont think it helps tho - cos he is back to jumpin around on the furniture and I have a big stinky boot to dispose of ...... xx Nat


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