Tuesday 17 January 2012

Elmo Took a Trip to the Seaside....

 Maclayne loves Elmo very much.....

Elmo loves her too..... 

So much in fact that he will go anywhere and everywhere with her

So they took a trip together.... to the beach on a sunny day.......

 Maclayne decided that her and Elmo should rather take a walk on the sand ...

But Elmo hadn't made that trip to the beach for nothing - OH...NO.... he was determined to swim......

 Apparently Maclayne tried her hardest to stop him......

 But it soon became clear that she was to stand guard while he had his fun....

 And to hide him if need be....

Maclayne was allowed to play in the the puddle too - Elmo your so kind!

Then .... it was time to head home to a bath.....


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  1. What a lovely story, and such a cutie :)


    1. Thanks Lisa - Mum didn't enjoy having to wash Elmo after that and Maclayne did NOT enjoy having to wait for him to dry.....

  2. That was adorable! Funny what kinds of things kids will drag their lovies through and how much we dread it!

    I found your post through Finding the Funny.. come by my blog sometime!

  3. That is so cute! First, I love your daughter's name! Second, it looks like Elmo had fun. Ha! He really knows how to float on his back well.

    (Thanks for joining the "Finding the Funny" link-up! So glad you did!)

    1. Thank you for following Kelley. My then 5 yr old chose Maclayne's name and we actually really like it, he is super proud of himself when telling people he chose it. Poor Elmo has really been thru the wars lately xx Nat

  4. Too too cute! My daughter brought Minnie mouse into the pool last summer - such fun. :)

    thanks for linking up to Finding the Funny!

    1. Thanks for popping by Anna - I love your blog! Isn't it funny what kids will do? take care Nat xx

  5. How adorable! Elmo sure looked like he was having fun!

  6. Oh he had a whole heap of fun that day.... Thanks Megan xx


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