Thursday 12 January 2012

Seed Bead Bracelet

I love this bracelet that I made for my friend's daughter who turned 9 recently.

I originally made these seed bead bracelets when I was a teenager and had totally forgotten about them until I discovered some beads tucked away in storage and an old bracelet I had made.

Okay, so how to??? Firstly you will need fishing line (nylon line), seed beads, a few bigger beads (optional), clasps, a couple of crimps and jump rings....

Cut a length of line, fold it in half (make sure its at least double your wrist circumference),and crimp as pictured below. I worked like this then added my clasps at the end.

Thread your first 3 beads as pictured....

To make the first round, thread both lines through the bead as in the picture below...

Pull tight and you have a beginnings of a bracelet...

Thread 3 beads onto each side....

Then round off with the lines both threading through 1 bead

pull tight again and there you have the pattern....

keep going and if you want to add the larger beads then pop them in wherever you want and carry on with the pattern....

make sure you measure the exact length you need before ending off and adding the clasps . I used my son's arm as a guide...

Ain't she sweet?

How easy was that? I hope you are inspired to make a few of these...

Thanks for stopping by....

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  1. Hi Natalie -

    That is such a sweet bracelet - I love it! Love the color!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I'm a new follower of yours. Looking forward to seeing what you post!

    Best wishes ~ Mary

    1. Thanks Mary for following. Im going to make a few more of these bracelets - so much fun to make

  2. Cute!!! Congrats on starting your blog!!

    1. Renee thank you for visiting and for your inspiration xx Nat

  3. I love this beaded bracelet.

    1. Thanks Katie - I used ot make heaps as a teen but have no idea what I did with them lol, xx Nat


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