Saturday 10 December 2011

Candles and Jars

Today I thought I would share a simple and quick gift idea that is great for any occasion. It's also thrifty,you can re-purpose any heavy duty glass jar for these. Kind of like a Hurricane Lamp.
If the candle is going to be lit then ensure the mouth of the jar is wider than the candle, that the glass is pretty thick and you have nothing flammable in or around the jar. 
Personally I just like to look at these and use my "non-jarred" candles if I want to burn candles.

I found this pasta jar at the back of my cupboard - I had totally forgotten I had it and it was in a very sorry state. It did inspire me though.....

For this post I used a Mason jar, some river stones, a candle and some string that I kept off flowers that arrived when I had Maclayne. Again you can totally use your imagination here. Payton has asked for a pink one for her room so I'm thinking pink ribbon, pink glass stones or artificial flowers .

Don't you just love my little work space on top of the printer???? My apologies - I could have taken better pictures....


Seriously how easy and cute are these?

Hope you were inspired.....


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  1. Thanks for sharing your project tip at Kiss & Tell over at my place, Natalie! I like the natural element of the rock. And...Candles reflecting on glass: what could be more soothing? <3

    1. Hi Christina - thank you so much for visiting. I love jars with interesting collections in them. Ive recently made up 3 new jars with candles and shells. A bit obsessed I think xx Nat

  2. I love anything that has to do with jars and bottles. Thanks for sharing the idea. They look wonderful.


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