Sunday 18 December 2011

Featuring......a Bookcase Makeover

Hi everyone, I hope your having a great weekend,

Today I wanted to show you a fantastic makeover done by my childhood friend and neighbour Lisa, who now lives all the way over in the UK. 
Lisa made over a thrift shop bookcase into a gorgeous creation for her daughter's bedroom.

I asked her to send me some pictures and a write a bit about it so I could feature her, thinking I would need to edit it anyway. 
Well I'm going to use her excellent photos and text as they are. Seriously this girl needs her own blog - you will be very impressed!
 So without further ado - here is Lisa's bookcase makeover......
Hi Nats, So – as I was saying – your blog was the inspiration behind this DIY project as I really don’t like to paint so needed the motivation to do this! I found the bookshelf in a re-use / recycle shop and for £5 I thought... bargain 


So I trotted off to the hardware store as I don’t even have a paint-brush, let alone any paint (did I mention I hate painting?) Told the shop assistant I didn’t think it needed to be sanded (truth be told I hate sanding more than painting and couldn’t be bothered... hope that doesn’t come back to bite me on the ass)
 So he told me to buy the sugar-soap to clean it properly first and then the paint (Dulux Once “One Coat” Satinwood Pure Brilliant White) and a brush.

Got home, cleaned the bookcase and painted it... realised that “One Coat” is just a figure of speech and it clearly was going to need another.... 24 hours later when it was eventually dry, I did the second coat... and a few days later (got held up by sick kids and life in general) had to do a third coat (hate painting!!!)  but finally it looked lovely

Then I cut some scrapbooking paper to size and applied some spray-mount to the back, stuck it to the back of each shelf and voila!  (Not sure how long the paper will last or if there was a better way to do it, but those were the colours and patterns I wanted so just did it like that.)

It looks lovely in the gap where her crib used to be, now that she’s progressed to her ‘big-girl-bed’!

So thanks again Natalie, keep blogging as I love your projects and already feel creative enough to tackle something else... something that doesn’t involve painting......

I hope you enjoyed seeing this inspiring makeover, and a huge thank you to Lisa for allowing me to share.

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  1. Awww.... I LOVE that bookcase Nats! And even though I was a few years behind you & Lisa @ Park View - I do remember Lisa.

    We have a fairly new Pine Single bed in our spare bedroom and an antique chest of drawers (good quality). I'm tempted to paint them white and sand them down (like you did with ur kitchen unit - think it was Nats). Just don't know what Dave would say to that!

    You are both an inspiration and have got my mind wondering....mmmm.... I'v got itchy hands to do something with our 4th!

    Bring on the project ideas ladies! I'm liking this :)

    Well done :)


  2. Thanks for your lovely comment Marion - Oh paint the bed..... that will be a good first project and you can always antique it to match the drawers. Its so much fun - you will love it!


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