Friday 30 December 2011

Simple Tutorial....Spiral Charms

I'm really enjoying getting back into jewellery making after not picking up a bead in 8 or so years.

Today I'm going to share a very easy tutorial that I picked up from this amazing website, The step by step instructions are very easy to follow and they also provided a printable download for easy reference.

I used solid steel galvanised wire for these little charms.

Simply: Cut a length of wire and grip the end of the wire with the long nosed pliers, rotate the pliers to form a loop. Then grip the loop firmly with the pliers as in picture D and push the wire around the loop. Keep repeating until you have the spiral size of your choice.

You can add a bead or leave as is.

Cut off the excess wire and form a loop - a cute little charm..... right?

Just add a jump ring and your options are endless.....

I've made earrings and necklaces too - I'm totally liking this look right now......

And some sweet little earrings I've made using charms I have in my bead drawer

Come back soon for more jewellery ideas....


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  1. Such beautiful jellewery Nats. I especially love your spiral earrings.

  2. Thanks Auds - still getting the feel of it - I havnt done any jewellery making in so long xx


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