Friday 2 December 2011

Side table to kitchen shelf makeover

I have literally no space in my house so every available surface is full and I could always use more shelves to stack things.

A couple of months ago a very kind elderly lady gave me a small nest table - it didn't suit my decor or function of my home - especially with little hands that like to interfere with everything (and I mean everything!) So Iv been thinking of what to do with it while it gathers dust.

Picture of my friend's one which is exactly the same, as I forgot to do a before pic

So as usual I had to change it...... I measured it to go on the kitchen benchtop and had Sean cut the feet off and yep painted it WHITE..... did you ever doubt me??????

Then I distressed it, and its oh so cute now.....

 Some more pictures - showing detail

Now it sits on the kitchen benchtop with the toaster underneath it and the fruit basket and phone on top - cute and functional

And a super easy project...

Take care



  1. Looks great!

    I have a question (as I have an old wooden bokshelf I want to do a similar thing to, but want to put wallpaper in the back of the shelves, if that makes sense)... anyway, my question is:- when you go from photo 1 to photo 2, do u have to do anything to the wood first before you paint it white, like sand it or prime it or anything?
    Cos as much as I know 'what' I want to do to the bookshelf, it's getting up the energy to actually do it! So any short-cuts are a bonus :D


  2. Awesome Girly!! Suddenly my poor table looks sad and boring...!:-( I'll have to come for some classes!

  3. Lisa - most of the time the item needs a sand or to be primed (stay tuned I will be priming something soonish). Sanding is so therapeutic. You basically need to to get the layer of varnish off so that the paint can "grip" onto the surface. Now I use Dulux interior exterior paint and its fantastic - it will literally coat anything! So I didn't even sand the side table - I did a test patch to see if the paint would hold and it did!Also as I'm going for the distressed look - it doesn't matter if there are some extra scratches. Always varnish after to give a finished look and to protect your creation. I like a matte satin - you can only notice its varnish if you touch the finished item. Depending on what you want it to look like but I like a matte finish. On my side tab of Blogs I read - have a look at Nefotlak. - she has used a fabric backing on her daughter's bookshelf and it is gorgeous. Hope this helps xx

  4. Stefanie - anytime - and if you want me to do it for you - just shout!

  5. Thanks Nat - will post pics once I get round to actually doing it!



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