Tuesday 6 December 2011

Christmas Card

Firstly - a huge apology to all those who will be receiving this card - think of it as a sneak preview...???

Secondly.... how late am I? This card should be sitting on your mantel as we speak! I kind of figure that better late than never, right?

It was nigh on impossible to get the kids to pose together this year - let alone with Christmas gear on - so I picked a couple of  recent pictures and thought I could do something with them.

Ok, so, quickly.....I literally grabbed everything I could find in my craft cupboard that was remotely Christmassy! 

Cut up loads of stuff that I didn't need to...... 

I then cut out a piece of paper the size of a 4x6 photo and played around with the bits I liked...

Here is one option but it was too Red!

And less is more ...... so much better with a bit of white showing.... dont you think?

I trimmed the edges, then scanned the picture.

Then edited in Picassa (don't you just love Picassa?) 

I chose the "Film Grain" effect as I wanted it to look like an old newspaper (except in colour).

Tomorrow I will take the image in to the printers, make my cards up and get them posted.....

This project took me about 15 minutes from start to finish, ok so I was rushing.... but its a quick easy craft you can do with your kids and its so personal and fun!

Christmas is sneaking up on us everyone.......

Take care



  1. Looks great Nat - loving the blog, keep them coming. Stacey xxx

  2. Cool idea! As Stacey said...loving the blog! Anne-Marie :-)

  3. Thanks guys - loving writing this blog xxx

  4. Great idea for me to try next year for sure :)
    Luv Mich P xxx

  5. Love this idea! I appreciate you reading and leaving such a thoughtful comment on my blog. You are quite crafty yourself- and those kiddos of yours are great helpers! Happy to have you as a blog friend.
    :) Samantha

  6. Michelle - def do this little project with your girls next year - and its also great for birthday cards - any occasion really. I always make my own cards even as a child - something my family did as a Christmas tradition.
    Take care and know your getting ready for your trip home - so excited for you. xxx Nats

  7. Samantha - thank you for coming by - it means so much to me. I'm loving this scary, fun, exciting journey of blogging. I have so much to learn and even I can see how far Ive come since starting up almost 3 weeks ago. See you again soon


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