Sunday 4 December 2011

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Another fantastic craft to do with the kids these holidays......

I first saw these Popsicle Stick Snowflakes here at Sew Fantastic. My colours are the same - don't you love the turquoise?

Image from Sew Fantastic

And Julianne from Sew Fantastic used the tutorial for the Snowflakes from Crafty Nest, which I followed too.

Its simple and super easy. 

And very rewarding to hear the "wows" from the kids.

Really all you need to start is a glue gun and craft sticks. If you get the coloured ones (the Dollar stores have them) then you don't have to paint them like I did.

This is the basic start - you can even stop here and decorate and hang. 
Watch out for that glue gun - remember my love hate relationship with mine? Look at the huge amount of glue I had to cut off later.....

 So far so good......

Look at the messy mess I make with that glue gun.......grrrr.

A coat of paint on both sides and here are my finished Snowflakes (excuse the awful photos)

A couple of days later on a non-windy day we went outside and applied some glitter.

This was my least favorite part - although I should say its because all 3 kids wanted a chance at holding the glue, paint brush and glitter, which sparked all kinds of trouble including the yelling as Miss Toddler-Thief ran off with the lot!

plotting her cunning plan

Then hang your creations - Ive hung ours in the windows......


If you want more ideas - do a google of Popsicle stick decorations.....

Aren't these just lovely? I think we will be doing these during the holidays....




I hope you have been inspired and that you try some of these ideas....

Thanks for reading



  1. Hi! Thanks for linking this project back to my blog! I love how your snowflakes turned out and the colors are just so beautiful!! Your kids are sooo cute! That's so awesome that is was a craft they could help's so rewarding and something they'll remember!! I can't wait till my little munchkin is a little older and can help out. Have a great weekend!


  2. Julianne - thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments, I hope your all prepared for Christmas, we still have a few more projects waiting to be caught up on.
    Take care, Nats

  3. Hi!I love your popsicle snowflakes especially the brightly coloured ones. And the fact your children were helping you too. You are such an inspiration Nats.


  4. Thanks Auds - these are such simple projects and so much fun to do. Have a wonderful Christmas


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