Thursday 1 December 2011

Fab Finds # 2

Some more fab finds today.... think I may make this a regular Thursday feature....

I went thrift shopping with a friend yesterday and found this lovely WHITE candlestick - what a find at $3! Once all my craft and work surfaces are cleared up I will find a spot for this treasure. 

Its so shiny!!!!!!!!

I found this lovely little beach mirror in a "free to good home" box outside a Hospice shop. 

And how sweet is it? I didn't even have to do anything to it - just give it a clean and display.

 excuse the shot of my arm

And here is Payton's fab find which I bought for her yesterday - some super glittery baubles for the tree - $6 for 18. 
We will decorate the tree tomorrow evening - the kids are so excited.

Until then the balls have found a home in my tray - quite sweet but thank goodness not a long term thing.


And my NOT-so-fab find of the day......... Need I say more????

Take care


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  1. Love the mirror!

    Oh dear re. the mess LOL... mom's work is never done!



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