Thursday 15 December 2011

Coastal Decor

I have been wanting to show you all where some of  my ideas and inspiration come from...

By now you will know how I adore coastal decor and I'm finally doing something about it.

How I'm loving all the white I'm surrounding myself with and surprisingly it's not looking as grubby as I thought it would with 3 pairs of kiddie's hands all over it and in such a tiny space.

First up - from abeachcottage
Those mirrors..... sigh!!!!  I love how they are just propped against the wall then layered, and the white frame on the bigger mirror is gorgeous. The dresser is simple yet elegant.


The table from betterafter is exactly what I want to do to our table (my husband wont let me..........yet!)
And oh look at all the wonderful white jugs. Very cottage, yet works for a beach theme too.

I really like this kitchen (minus the fish on the wall though) It looks lived in and comfortable and I love the colour of the tiled wall

image from pinterest

A cupboard with the perfect combination of teal and wicker - I could see this in my house

Image from  ana-white

This tiny room really embraces the relaxed feel of being near the beach. Love the rocks and wooden accents

Image from Pinterest

And a last image from  southernpiphi.tumblr
Need I say more??? How fabulous is that wooden chest?

Image from Pinterest

Hope you enjoyed that visual feast - I will be back with more of the same soon....

Take care



  1. mmmm...... Nats I'v loving all this!!!!

    I just wanna paint our wooden furniture!

    Can see you are having loads of fun & enjoyment with your new blog and projects.


  2. Im loving every minute Maz - so glad your getting some inspiration ;-) Take care xxx


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